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  2. 實驗室裝修功能布局的特點

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    The laboratory design must comply with the current national laws and regulations on safety, health, radiation protection and environmental protection. Anti-theft doors, anti-theft windows, alarm devices and other facilities shall be set in the storage place of radioactive substances. Let's talk about the fire prevention and chemical hazard prevention in the planning and construction of the laboratory.
    Fire prevention and evacuation
    The fire protection design of scientific experimental buildings shall comply with the following provisions in addition to the current national fire protection code for building design:
    1. The safety exit of the general laboratory composed of more than one standard unit should not be less than two.
    2. The partition wall of the laboratory with valuable instruments and equipment shall be non-combustible with a fire resistance limit of not less than 1h.
    3. The door of the laboratory prone to fire, explosion, chemical injury and other accidents should be opened in the direction of evacuation.
    Chemical hazard prevention
    1. A fume hood shall be set up in the laboratory where the harmful gases, vapors, odors, smoke, volatile substances and other experimental work are carried out.
    2. For laboratories that often use strong acids, strong alkalis and have the risk of chemical burns, emergency sprinklers and emergency eye washers should be installed near the exit.
    3. The treatment and disposal of waste gas, liquid waste and solid waste in radioisotope laboratories shall comply with the provisions of the current national regulations.
    4. The laboratories containing mercury should be equipped with special fume hoods. The floor, floor, wall, ceiling, test bench, door and window of this kind of laboratory shall be made of non-cracking, non-adsorption and non-leakage materials, and shall be equipped with mercury collection tank, ditch, bottle and other facilities. The ground and floor should have a gradient of not less than 1%, the gutter and floor drain should have the function of collecting lost mercury, and the lower part of the room should be equipped with exhaust outlets.
    5. The laboratory that must store a small amount of dangerous chemicals for daily use should be equipped with a special chemical storage cabinet or fume hood with continuous ventilation for 24 hours.
    In addition, some laboratories will produce waste liquid, waste gas and waste. Although the waste discharged by the laboratory is much less than that of the production workshop, as an analyst, we need to start from ourselves and protect the environment around us from every point. Follow our website http://www.bristolbakestress.com , learn more!
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