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  2. 實驗室裝修改造有很多細節都不可忽視

    來源:http://www.bristolbakestress.com/ 發布時間:2021-09-03
    In view of the complexity of the construction of the operating room, which involves many fields, some technical requirements for design and construction must be met. Now let's talk about the key points of the construction of the equipment floor in the operating room!
    During the construction of the operating room, the space on the equipment floor should be enough to install all kinds of large equipment, and a certain position and channel should be reserved for maintenance and management personnel to maintain and repair the purification air conditioning system, such as replacing filters, checking fans, motors, humidifiers, automatic control systems and various valves.
    The floor height of purification equipment in the operating department of some projects is very low. The building floor height is usually only 2.1m, and the beam bottom height is only 1.6m. The equipment installation is very crowded and difficult, which leads to the decline of engineering installation quality.
    After the project is completed, because there is not enough maintenance space, the system equipment cannot be properly maintained, and various failures will occur soon. Therefore, it is suggested that attention should be paid to the space requirements of the equipment floor at the building design stage. It is suggested that the equipment floor height should be greater than 2.8m and the clear height of the beam bottom should not be less than 2.2m.
    As the main body of the ventilation system of the operating room, the equipment layer plays a role in connecting with the operating room. Therefore, it is very important to reserve holes in the equipment layer.
    To determine the reserved holes on the equipment floor, the process layout needs to be determined first, and then a special design scheme should be made for the layout.
    Allowance shall be considered for the reserved opening of the equipment layer, otherwise it is difficult to expand after reinforcement.
    The ground of the equipment layer must be waterproof, so the reserved holes need to be waterproof platform.
    The floor drain for cooling water discharge of the purification unit must be reasonably configured on the equipment floor. It is not recommended that the condensate pipe from the unit to the floor drain be too long.
    The key points related to the construction of the equipment floor in the operating room are as explained above. If you have anything related to this, please come to our website http://www.bristolbakestress.com Consult!
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