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  2. 裝修實驗室中,電路鋪設的問題你了解多少呢?

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    With the rapid development of science and technology, modern microbiology has made rapid progress. Many new research fields, such as molecular biology and genetic engineering, cannot be separated from the basic and applied research of microbiology. Therefore, it is particularly important to plan and design the microbiology laboratory reasonably. Next, the microbiological laboratory purification and decoration manufacturers will talk about the architectural decoration of the microbiological laboratory.
    1. Wall
    1) The partition wall in the work area is made of sandwich color steel plate, and the color is white plate;
    2) All internal corners of the room wall in the working area shall be plastered with rounded corners R ≥ 50, and all external corners of the room wall shall be plastered with small rounded corners;
    3) The combination of wall and ceiling in the working area of GMP laboratory is circular arc structure, the wall and ceiling are made of sandwich color steel plate, and the part near the outer wall is decorated with light brick wall;
    4) PVC board skirting line is used in the working area. The internal corners of the wall and the ground are rounded with R ≥ 50, and the skirting height is 120.
    2. Ground
    1) The work area adopts homogeneous transparent PVC rubber floor with a thickness of 2.0mm;
    2) When the floor color of the room is different, the room door is the dividing line.
    3. Ceiling decoration works
    1) The suspended ceiling of the working area of the microbiological laboratory is made of sandwich color steel plate, and the wet area is made of 300 * 300 aluminum buckle suspended ceiling, which is fixed with the ceiling by screws;
    2) The ceiling height of microbiological laboratory is designed to be 2.6 meters, and the ceiling height of each area is subject to the actual allowable height on site;
    3) For all rooms with suspended ceilings, the specifications of lamps, installation positions and installation positions of air vents, smoke detectors and alarms shall be determined according to the specifications and arrangement of the roof and in combination with professional drawings.
    4. Door and window decoration works
    1) See the design drawings for the location and size of door and window openings;
    2) All doors in the area are made of aluminum alloy door frame, with fireproof board on the surface and aluminum alloy edge wrapping;
    3) Except for the reclining door and automatic door, all doors are equipped with door locks.
    In addition, good ventilation of the microbiological laboratory is the key, and an exhaust fan should be equipped when necessary. Inoculation, isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria should be carried out in the biosafety cabinet. In order to prevent cross contamination and protect the health of staff, the laboratory should be divided into at least three areas. For more details, please visit our website http://www.bristolbakestress.com Consult and see!
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