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  2. 空氣凈化工程的構造原理

    來源:http://www.bristolbakestress.com/ 發布時間:2017-07-12
    手術室建筑內潔凈用房各面的圍擋物,如門、窗、墻、頂及地面等,能夠有效地抵御或控制不利環境的影響,并保證潔凈 用房的特殊使用要求及消毒清洗方式。下面手術室設計廠家來講講潔凈手術室的圍護結構及建筑裝飾。
    Enclosures on all sides of the clean room in the operating room building, such as doors, windows, walls, roofs and floors, can effectively resist or control the impact of adverse environment, and ensure the special use requirements and disinfection and cleaning methods of the clean room. Next, the operating room design manufacturer will talk about the enclosure structure and architectural decoration of the clean operating room.
    潔凈手術部的圍護結構和建筑裝飾必須滿足使用功能要求及凈化空調系統的工藝要求;圍護結構必須安全牢固,不易撞壞 ,保溫節能,符合消防要求;建筑裝飾面層應遵循不產塵、不積塵、耐腐蝕、防潮防霉、易清潔,、防靜電,經濟實用、 易維護的原則。
    The enclosure and architectural decoration of the clean operating department must meet the functional requirements and the process requirements of the purification air conditioning system; The enclosure must be safe and firm, not easy to be damaged, heat preservation and energy saving, and meet the fire protection requirements; The building decoration surface shall follow the principles of no dust generation, no dust accumulation, corrosion resistance, moisture and mold resistance, easy cleaning, environmental protection, anti-static, economical, practical and easy maintenance.
    墻面及頂面裝飾圍護結構形式可分為整體式和拼裝式,材料可使用金屬板材、高分子復合板材及無機材料板材,如鋼板、 鋁板、防火板等。
    The wall and top decorative enclosure structure can be divided into integral type and assembled type, and the materials can be metal plates, polymer composite plates and inorganic material plates, such as steel plates, aluminum plates, fire-proof plates, etc.
    手術室地面材料應采用整體地面材料,如整體現澆水磨石地面,環氧樹脂自流平地面,防靜電或導靜電的橡膠、PVC卷材地 面。
    The floor materials of the operating room shall be the overall floor materials, such as the whole floor reflecting the watering millstone, the epoxy resin self leveling floor, and the anti-static or conductive rubber, PVC coiled material floor.
    When full-automatic bus bars are used for the special gas of the operating department, in addition to the overpressure and undervoltage alarm control, the uninterruptible alarm signal for changing the cylinder group shall be provided.
    關于潔凈手術室的圍護結構及建筑裝飾的相關內容的講解就到這里了,您對此有怎樣的問題或者需求可以隨時來我們網站 http://www.bristolbakestress.com進行咨詢!
    This is the end of the explanation about the enclosure structure and architectural decoration of the clean operating room. If you have any questions or needs, please come to our website at any time http://www.bristolbakestress.com Consult!
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